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A unique career

We help massive industrial shippers and carriers make magic with trucks and shipments all over Europe. Hundreds of thousands of trips. Real-time mapping. AI-powered delivery estimates. Enough performance data to fill a stadium. 

What we do

  • We remove inefficiency

    All those millions of truckloads of heavy freight are carried around Europe every day. It’s inefficient, costly and polluting.

  • We tackle huge challenges

    Many of the technical problems we’re solving are scientific by nature and massive in volume.

  • Work for the world’s largest companies

    Sixfold is helping to optimize the way business is done at the industry-leading companies like Rockwool or Saint-Gobain.

  • We work with future tech

    We use modern frameworks and approach when building our products. Think Microservices, Kubernetes, GraphQL, Kafka, React, GIS, and TypeScript.

Our team is made of sharp, seasoned, professionals: business people, developers, data scientists, and product managers.

And we’re international. Think Austria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Ukraine.

Some numbers

Number of employees

Telliskivi 60
10412 Tallinn Directions


51013 Tartu Directions


8783 Vienna Directions


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